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At IVA Advice, we have worked with innumerable people to guide them towards a debt free life. Therefore, we understand. Debt problems can not only affect your financial life but your personal life and ability to function normally in a day to day life. IVA Advice was brought into effect primarily to offer reliable, confidential and cost affective solutions to people with serious debt problems.

You can easily come to us for IVA advice or any related information about IVA process in UK. IVA is an alternative to bankruptcy for people facing serious debt problems. IVA is legally binding and reduces your overall debt up to 75%. Depending on your circumstances, IVA Advice can negotiate with your lenders to bring down debt up to 75%. With IVA, interest rate is frozen. The remaining debt is repaid in the form of monthly payments over the period of 5 years. IVA advice helps you to decide how much you will be required to make every month as repayment. Experts at IVA Advice, carefully consider your disposable income before deciding so that you can easily make monthly repayment without affecting your budget.

Don't worry if you have failed any previous attempts to reach an informal agreement with your creditors. IVA Advice can help you in taking a positive new step in the form of IVA. IVA debt advice is given for free at our website and you are under no obligation to work with us once you take advice from our professionals. However, if you decide to work with us, we will formally start working out an IVA that is tailor made for your requirements. Come to IVA Advice and we will carry out all the proceedings in a confidential and secure manner. We will assign an IVA advisor that works exclusively to provide you with IVA insolvency advice. Rebuild your financial future and become completely clear of unsecured debts by associating yourself with IVA Advice.

IVA Companies other services
If you're struggling with debts there are lots of places you can turn to for help. The following organisations all offer advice over the phone or in person. As well as helping you come up with a strategy for coping with your repayments, they may also be able to deal with lenders and other creditors on your behalf.

Insolvency Service Guides to debt options
The Insolvency Service exists to provide the framework and the means for dealing with financial failure in the economy and with the misconduct that is often associated with it. To achieve this it maintains and develops a world-class insolvency law and regulatory framework; delivers key public services to support that framework; delivers and promotes an effective investigation and enforcement regime; and ensure an organisation devoted to continuous improvement.